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Tampa Bay Rays Sign Dan Johnson!

To become a knuckle baller

Nick Laham/Getty Images

He is coming back!

Dan Johnson, the man who saved the 2008 season!

The man who provided heroics during the 2010 season!

The man who provided the club with their first victory of 2011!

The man who gave the club one of the greatest moments in baseball history on September 28th, 2011 is returning!

The Great Pumpkin is back!

This time, as a knuckle baller!


Dan Johnson last played in the majors with Cardinals last season and has journeyed around since his legendary departure from the Rays following the 2011 season. Over his playing career, Johnson slashed .234/.335/.405 with 57 homers over 443 games. Good for 1.8 WAR and a 100 wRC+. During his 10 year career, Johnson has played with the Athletics, Rays, White Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays, and Cardinals. This will be his third stint with the Rays organization.

We all know how the story ends, with him clubbing a go-ahead home run in the 9th inning of game seven at some National League ballpark and then going to the mound tossing an immaculate inning.