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Tampa Bay news and links: Kirby Yates with the Yankees

And other escapism.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays dropped a rain-shortened two game series in Baltimore over the weekend, so let's not start with that. Let's get right to interviews, but instead focus on the interviews with relievers who barely pitched for the Rays and gave up way too many home runs when they did. That's how I always make myself feel better on a rainy Monday morning when I'm late for work. I think it will make you feel better, too.


- Good stuff, as always, from David Laurila, headlined by an interview with former Ray Kirby Yates.

- From Friday, August Fagererstrom analyzed Jake Odorizzi's search for a third pitch.

- Topkin gives a history of replay at the Trop.

- Also from Topkin, quotes from the starting pitchers about how they have to do better.

- Also from Friday, Shawn Brody thinks about velocity gaps between fasthballs and offspeed pitches.

- Still from Friday (Friday was a good day, I suppose), Josh Norris wrote about Blake Snell's opening day start at Durham.