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Introducing: AskDRB Q&A Video Mailbag #1

Answering the internet's burning questions about the Rays (and whatever else comes up)

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Each and every Wednesday, we are going to be going live at Noon (12pm EST) on Facebook to answer fans questions about the Rays (or whatever else comes up). You can check out the first episode below, and be sure to tune in (or click in?) next week for more Q&A fun, discussions, and live shoutouts!

What I talked about this week:

- How long should we trust the process with LoMo as the #2 batter in the line-up?

- If Morrison drops in the batting order, who would you go with at #2?

- The Bullpen is (surprisingly) awesome! What do we do when Brad Boxberger gets back? Who is your choice to get the 9th until then?

- How exciting is the potential Longoria-Dickerson-Souza 3-4-5 line-up?

- Is Matt Moore back? Like, for real back?

And more!

The live show will be Wednesdays at 12pm EST (9am PST), but you can also get those questions and comments posted in early to the DRB Facebook page for a better shot at getting them read live (and getting that sweet shoutout).