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GDT #8: Second verse, same as the first?

The Rays hope that history does not repeat itself on the mound tonight w/ Carlos Carrasco pitching, and I try to purge all that repetition juju by renaming the GDT the same as last night's.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Carrasco almost pitched a no-hitter against the Rays last year, during the year of Rays near no-hitters. It was mercifully broken up by Joey Butler, the poor man's (trigger warning) Casey Kotchman. Obviously I hope that doesn't happen again, so tonight I'm renaming the GDT as "#8" since last night it worked so well.

Let's purge Smyly's bad start to the season and Carrasco's near-perfect game against the Rays last year, and focus on repeating what's good so far about this season. Namely: timely clutch hitting and sweet, sweet bombs from Corey Dickerson.