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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Two runs on a sac fly

Or how Kevin Cash continues to unconvincingly try to take the blame.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it only took one bad inning (and that inning wasn't even all that bad) for the Rays to drop the second game in Cleveland. Of course I think Brett's recap is better, obviously, but I usually click over to our sister sites to see who's doing good recap work, and I enjoyed "Ryan's" all present-tense inning log.


- Yesterday's game saw the Indians score two runs on one sac fly. Jason Collette dissected that play in great detail over at The Process Report.

- At The Hardball Times, Corinne Landrey writes about the ways baseball is not welcoming to women.

- Yesterday from THT, an interesting suggestion about revenue sharing.

- Rob Arthur at FiveThirtyEight writes good, useful stuff about angle and exit velocity.

- From Topkin, quotes from Chris Archer about how the velocity being down early isn't an issue, and he's focused on pitching better. Read them. They'll make you feel better.

- Take a look at the Rays' special occasion jerseys for this year. I kind of like the Father's Day one, because it looks like a regular Rays uniform, except that *gasp* the aquatic Ray on the sleeve is also blue.

- Craig Edwards looked at cost per war for every major league rotation. I'd pay them a few extra dollars if it would help the Rays starters avoid the bad inning.

- Surprise! So far, this year, strikeouts across the league are up again.

- Matt Jackson dives into shift data.

Philosophers in baseball? Not sold on Sam Miller's prediction. And I like philosophers.

- Max is pretty cool.