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Every homerun hit by the Rays this season

Because we all need a dose of optimism.

Corey Dickerson
Corey Dickerson
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays are one of ten teams that have double digit home runs just a week into the season, and that's fun because the Rays are now a team built of offense that can hit dingers with regularity!

Yesterday's matinee saw the team drop to 3-6 on the season, and was their first outing without a longball of the year.

Here's every home run the Rays have hit this season:

1. Corey Dickerson's Rays debut

This dude is going to rip the cover off the ball all season.

Watch the whole replay here.

2. Steven Souza Jr. takes R.A. Dickey yard

High and away, opposite field.

3. Corey Dickerson sends one to the scoreboard


I mean, this home run is literally off the charts.

4. Logan Forsythe goes oppo

And the Rays get their first lead, and win, of the season

5. Souza to dead center

Legit power.

6. Souza AGAIN

The same game!

7. Longo joins in the fun

Evan Longoria's first home run of the season was a sweet stroke to deep left field.

8. Big Swingin' Corey Dickerson

Low and away gets sent far and away.

9. Forsythe two-run jack


10. Longoria follows suit, two-runs more

This one off Cody Allen. Wowza.

Go Rays!


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