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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: No dip or chew in Boston

Less PITCHf/x in New York

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Sunday. The Rays won, it feels like spring, and there's a Bernie rally outside my apartment window. Let's get to the links.

Rays Links:

- First, some injury updates from Topkin. Both Kevin Kiermaier and Logan Forsythe are sore but okay after their Friday collision. And the fan who was badly struck by a fly ball is in the hospital, but is stable. The gap in the netting has been closed.

- In Boston, you can no longer use smokeless tobacco. Here's what some of the affected Rays think about the new ordinance.

- David Laurila has more from Kirby Yates, and particularly talking about the difference between Rays and Yankees pitching coaching.

“It’s different styles and different information,” is how Yates compared the two organizations. “Tampa was very… they were really into PITCHf/x and how the ball moves. Things like that. There’s some of that here, but it’s more of the eyeball test. They’re very hands on and mechanical here.”

- Chris Mitchell reports that Rays Rule 5 loss Joey Rickard might be for real.

Here's Steve Kinsella with audio from Brandon Guyer, on his special ability to be hit by the baseball.

Guyer was a big part of the Rays win last night, but Brad Miller's two-run home run, and first home run as a Ray, deserved the icewater. Chris Archer did what he could, though.

Other Links:

- This, at THT, is about Clayton Kershaw, but I like some of the visualizations, especially the ones looking at median pitch location. We'll have to make some of those for Rays pitchers.

The sky is falling. This is a badly reasoned article by Doug Thorburn on Baseball Prospectus. But I'll link to it because enough people think this way for it to be representative of some part of baseball fandom culture. I started writing a rebuttal here, but think it merits fuller thought. Will come later in the week.

- Here's something fun from BP, though, about Australian baseball.