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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Ducky's in the airport

It'll be in terminal A.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

We're almost two hours late. But Chris Archer can't execute his pitches, on normal rest, so why would you think I can execute a tank on short rest?


- From Chastain, Evan Longoria likes pitchers who work fast, and has funny quotes about Jeremy Hellickson (who did not work fast).

- From Topkin, apparently David Price, pitching against Evan Longoria before, has tried to hug him while tagging him out. Longoria declined.

- Also from Topkin, Chris Archer talks about his struggles, saying that the problem is pitch execution.

- From Mooney, Longoria thinks Price is the kind of player who can take the heat in Boston (unlike Carl Crawford, for instance). And Kevin Cash says that Erasmo will probably start on Saturday. Said Cash, "“We want to do right by Erasmo and try to settle him in a role here eventually."

- Stop over at The Process Report to look at Jason Hanselman's game preview pieces. Partly because they're good. Mostly because his choice of pictures is excellent.

- Ducky's is coming to the Tampa Airport.

Other links:

- The leaking of hot stove information is specifically against the CBA, writes Jack Moore, and it does matter.

- Chris Archer is struggling so far. So is Zack Greinkie.

- ESPN finally fired Curt Schilling over twitter posts about the North Carolina transgender bathroom laws. Good for ESPN. Not just because he appears to be a bigot, because also he was a truly awful baseball announcer.