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The Hit Show, Episode 6: Do you Snell what the Archer is Pitching!?

This is just the best logo
This is just the best logo

This week Dustin Clingman, Danny Russell, and Darby Robinson welcome editor Ian Malinowski onto the podcast to discuss Blake Snell's debut, Chris Archer's great performance against the Orioles and the big 12-8 comeback win in Boston.

Tune in for this and more on The Hit Show:

This week's podcast was recorded on April 26th, and it should be noted, did not include discussion of the live game happening in the back ground for this session; however, if you listen hard enough, you just may be able to hear the grins through your earphones after KK's two-run home run!

(You probably can't. We did not discuss last night's quality win in any way shape or form. We are always open to feedback, feel free to let us know if that was a mistake!)

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