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AskDRB #3: Snell, Conger, and Throwback Jersey talk

Is Hank Conger responsible for Archer's slow start? Are you more excited about seeing the old Rays on the Padres, Kershaw's sicknasty curve, or the D-Backs horrible new uniforms? Those questions and more on this week's AskDRB!

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

For the first time, I don't have to leadoff the show with tons and tons of LoMo talk! Huzzah! This week, we dive into some interesting topics, some to do with analysis of catcher's performance on pitching, and other analysis on special jerseys and missed oportunities in the uniform department of major league teams.

This week's questions:

- How much blame should Hank Conger have for Archer's slow start?

- Is Curt Casali going to start getting more playing time going forward?

- What effects do ballpark's have on "catcher's ERA"?

- New Line-ups! Miller moves up, LoMo moves down, and what future changes are going to be made?

- Should Souza replace Jennings in the 5 spot in the order?

- Thoughts on Snell debut

- Will Mahtook push Desmond Jennings for his starting spot?

- What team are you most excited to play in the NL West this season?

- Jersey talk! Should the Rays finally give in and play in throwbacks? Shouldn't the Nationals have a Cherry Blossom themed uniform set? Just how ugly are Arizona's new uniforms?

- Who goes to the rotation and who stays in the pen once the Rays have Snell, Cobb, and Erasmo all on the club?