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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Souza is platinumesque

And, there is no Rays bottle opener, but that's okay because there is no Rays wine.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays lost, but this is the play that everybody, except for maybe Joey Rickard, is going to remember about that game.

Souza talked about the catch afterward, and about how playing with Kevin Kiermaier has made him a better defender.

Rays links:

- The Rays got beat last night by a homer from former-Ray rule 5 pick Joey Rickard, and Topkin has quotes from Cash and Moore about Rickard.

- Also from Topkin, the Rays liked Souza's catch last night, and Cash says he doesn't want to burn out Erasmo's arm.

- Craig Edwards scanned the league for service time manipulations, and took a quick look at the Blake Snell situation.

- A couple days ago, Ben Lindbergh and Rob Arthur talked about the trend to more stats analysts in baseball front offices. Interestingly, the Rays have the biggest stats department in baseball. They also have the third-biggest scouting department.

Other Link:

Baseball and wine pairings? There is currently no Rays wine bottle opener, btw.