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Postgame Reaction Thread: Game 1 of 162

Every Archer start should begin with a visit from Jim Hickey.

One of the sole bright spots of the day
One of the sole bright spots of the day
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tweet roundup! (or, the time it took me to copy/paste these tweets was on average longer than most Rays plate appearances today)

This probably won't be a recurring feature on any given postgame thread BUT HEY IT'S OPENING DAY SO

So Archer settled down and shattered David Price's Rays Opening Day strikeout record of 7 K's with 12 of his own. All of this in 5 innings of work. Those are classic Scott Kazmir numbers right there. Again, maybe Archer should throw one pitch to start the game and get a mound visit from Jim Hickey. That's how he'll put up those Cy Young numbers we're all thinking about.

On the other hand it's clear that the Rays all had reservations for Dorsia at 7:00 because they swung at approximately 7,000 first pitches, allowing Stroman to pitch into the ninth with a pitch count lower than the ambient temperature of Tropicana Field. I get that the Rays are going to be more aggressive this year, but maybe they should wait until the ball leaves the pitcher's hand to swing and make weak contact.

Anyway the hot takes come early this year. The real fan's recap will show up a little later, but you can complain here for a little bit if you want.