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If baseball expands, do the Rays remain in the AL East?

Olympic Stadium in Montreal, filled to the brim for 2016 exhibition
Olympic Stadium in Montreal, filled to the brim for 2016 exhibition
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

A recent investigation into the viability of Vancouver as a baseball city included an interesting proposal for re-alignment of the major league divisions, which caught the eye of Jon Morosi, bringing it to all our twitter feeds.

The proposal keeps all divisions in four-team configurations, which removes the Rays from the AL East and sends them to the National League, where they would meet up with Atlanta, Washington, and Miami.

Financially, this could be a significant set back for the Rays franchise, which has made strides to overcome the long-rooted Yankee and Red Sox interests in the region (in Tampa and Ft. Myers respectively). The team's attendance is not always stellar, but gate receipts are higher when their franchise-long rivals are in town.

The argument to remove the Rays appears to be based on scheduling ease of four team divisions, but at that rate I would offer that MLB should roll with four divisions of eight teams to keep parity in place. If only the winner of each four-team division made the playoffs, it would be a long second half for many franchises every year.

The Rays are not only out of the AL East for scheduling purposes, though. It also supposedly helps the interests of Montreal...

Although I would think that playing against Miami and DC would only help the rivalries blossom from the start.

Here is the full proposal from Vancity Buzz, the aforementioned site:

American League
Baltimore Montreal Vancouver Texas
Cleveland Toronto Seattle Houston
Detroit NY Yankees Oakland Kansas City
Chi White Sox Boston Anaheim Minnesota
National League
Miami Philadelphia Colorado LA Dodgers
Tampa Bay NY Mets St. Louis San Francisco
Atlanta Pittsburgh Chi Cubs San Diego
Washington Cincinnati Milwaukee Arizona

What say you, is this the right decision for Montreal and the Rays?