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Rays pitching seriously suppressed the Blue Jays offense

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Rays pitching did their job during the four game Opening Series against the high powered Toronto Blue Jays offense. Last year their lineup put up a .269/.340/.457 117 wRC+ line while only striking out 18.5% of the time, leading to 5.5 runs per game.

By contrast, this year's iteration of the Blue Jays were held in check by the Rays pitching staff who allowed a .213/.275/.353, .276 wOBA, 79 wRC+ line.

The Rays struck out 30.9% of Blue Jays who would enter the batter's box, a 67% increase over their rate last year.

Rays starters in particular would throw 22.1 innings while allowing a 4.43 ERA and a 3.78 FIP, but included a 33.7% strikeout rate.

The bullpen was near perfect in relief, as the only damage would be allowed by Ryan Webb in Game 1 when he allowed a 2 run home run to Troy Tulowitzki. Those would be the only runs allowed by the bullpen over 13.2 innings. The bullpen struck out 25.5% of batters while only walking 5.9%.

As it turns out, the Rays can still pitch.