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MLB Draft 2016: Rays draft pool allotments per pick

The Rays have some flexibility with their pool

Tim Beckham received the biggest bonus over the pool slot in Rays history
Tim Beckham received the biggest bonus over the pool slot in Rays history
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Jim Callis of has listed the pool values of each pick in this year's upcoming draft. Overall the Rays will have $7,643,000 to work with, and will have the 13th-largest pool -- corresponding to their No. 13 overall pick.

Here is the draft pool allotments in each round for the Rays, through the 10th selection:

  • $3,098,900 (first)
  • $1,195,500 (second)
  • $826,200 (competitive balance round B)
  • $676,200 (third)
  • $491,900 (fourth)
  • $368,400 (fifth)
  • $275,900 (sixth)
  • $206,600 (seventh)
  • $179,400 (eigth)
  • $167,500 (ninth)
  • $156,600 (tenth)
Any player drafted after the tenth round and then signed will not count against the pool unless his bonus is more than $100,000.

While the Rays have no obligation to give each draft pick their allotted pool bonus, it does give a good idea on which picks they either a) prioritize the most or b) have the most negotiating power on their side. If they do stay below the overall pool number, then they could allocate more money to picks after the tenth round if they so choose.

In the 2015, the Rays only went majorly over the slot value for second-rounder Chris Betts. His $1.485 million bonus came in $300,000 above the slot value of $1.165 million, but the team has given other players quite large bonuses relative to their pool in the past.

In 2011, Tyler Goeddel, who was drafted in the first supplemental round, signed for $1.5 million when his draft slot was only $815,400. and in 2009 third-round pick Todd Glaesmann earned a $930,000 bonus even though his slot was $289,000, mostly because the first two picks that year didn't sign.

The largest bonus the Rays ever handed out was to shortstop 2008 first-rounder Tim Beckham, who inked a $6.15 million bonus in a $4 million slot. You may remember draft finances being a key focus in that year.