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AskDRB #5: #NoMoLoMo

Plus: Give Pearce a chance! And tons of love for the mighty Casey (Gillaspie) at the bat!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

First base talk is all the rage this week! We've got Shaffer talk, we've got Pearce chat, we've got hashtag's for LoMo, and so much hype for the future of Casey Gillaspie.


- Should we end the LoMo reign and bring up Dickie or Mahtook?

- When do we see a different approach at the plate? And is now the time for the Rays to dump both DJ and LoMo?

- What defensive position is in Big Swinging Dickerson's future? Is DH-ing affecting his hitting?

- Matt Andriese love! What's his role on the Rays going forward?

- Could leaving some prospects too long in the minors stunt their growth?

- Where's the love for the criminally under-hyped Chih Wei Hu?

- Johnny Field's future prospects with the Rays? Is he the reason the Rays didn't protect Joey Rickard?

- How is Desmond Jennings still on this team?

- Casey Gillaspie hype train!

- Solo HR talk, and does it mean anything?