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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Matt Bush is in the majors

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The one time Rays spring training invitee and former convict, has finally reached the majors 12 years after being drafted

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Rays Links:

- Topkin has notes on Matt Andriese, Logan Forsythe, and Steve Perace

- Over at The Process Report, they reviewed the Rays past series against Seattle

- Also, at TPR, Jason Collette examines how the Rays have performed with runners on base

- A couple of nights ago, Riley Unroe enjoyed one of the best performances of his career. He's seen a career resurrection this season, which he attributes to his time in Austrailia

" RHP Brad Boxberger (core muscle repair surgery) will start a rehab assignment with the on Sunday." - Josh Vitale

- Neil Solondz offers up his post game notes as well as interviews with Kevin Cash and Jake Odorizzi

Around the League:

The book on the 2016 A's would be really sad

- Jose Reyes will be available to come back on June 1st, completing what has been officially announced as a 51 game suspension

- Clayton Kershaw may likely be the greatest pitcher of this century

- The Twins have been awful in 2016, but just how awful? Twinkie Town compared them to some other awful teams

- Kyle Lohse has been out of the spotlight thanks to Tim Lincecum, but he signed a minor league deal with the Rangers

- The Rangers also promoted a controversial pitcher who has some Rays history, Matt Bush to the majors