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GDT: On to the next one, Part III

Odorizzi usually pitches pretty well against the Blue Jays. And the Rays have hit well the past 2 4 games. Who knows what will happen?

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Apart from whatever merits he possesses as a ballplayer, Jake Odorizzi has this other virtue, too — namely, that his name facilitates a brief, phonetics-based Italian lesson. In the States, Odorizzi is the name of a right-handed pitcher. This is self-evident. In Italy, however, "Odorizzi" is something different. Regard: odiare is the verb "to hate." Riso, meanwhile, is the singular form of the noun signifying either "laughter" or "rice." Put together, odio risi (OH-dee-oh REETS-ee) means "I hate rices" or "I hate laughters."- Fangraphs

Go Rays!