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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: The Rays' odd scoring pattern

And Erasmo's unusual usage.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays swept the Blue Jays to enter their off day back at .500. That was powered by an outburst from the offense, and Jason Hanselman was on hand to look at the distribution of Rays scoring.

Interestingly, the Rays have one of the biggest differences between their mean and their median runs scored (meaning that they've been a pretty high-variance offense so far). Also interestingly, they've scored three runs way more often than any other team. That probably doesn't mean anything, but those three run games might either become more two-run games or more four-run games as the season goes on.

Scoring four runs would be better.


- From Topkin's notes, third-base coach and former Durham manager Charlie Montoya will be inducted into the Triple-A International League Hall of Fame today. Also, Brandon Guyer got a letter of apology from Matt Bush, and understandably, doesn't want to talk to reporters about it.

- Before the game, Chris Archer and Marcus Stroman talked to kids in the RBI program together. If heartwarming pep talks are your thing, you can watch video of their heartwarming pep talk. Says Archer, "your brain is going to take you so much further than your body."

Attendance talk!

- Games are taking longer again. Why?

- Tango noted that Erasmo Ramirez has entered the game with the third-highest leverage index of any reliever, but that he so far has no saves. We all know why he's being used that way, but it is unusual usage.