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The Rays are (still) better than their record

Positive regression incoming?

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that time I wrote about team statistics six games into the season? I had to. What else was I going to do with all of these off days? And here I am again. Because, off days.

The sentiment lately has been that the Rays' offense just isn't good enough for a team that plans to contend. Well, let's look at the numbers and see if they agree. Here is how the AL East stacks up, according to StatCorner's Runs Above Average (RAA).

StatCorner Offense Fielding GBs Fielding FBs Starters Bullpen Total RAA
Orioles 15.6 11.3 -12.1 2.1 -0.8 16.1
Red Sox 12.2 2.5 -0.4 -1.8 -0.1 12.4
Rays -10.3 -0.7 11.8 14.3 -4.3 10.7
Blue Jays -6.3 3.4 -9.5 4.6 0.1 -7.6
Yankees -17.8 -3.8 -14.7 5.0 7.7 -23.6

*All numbers are in RAA, where approximately 10 runs is one win above (or below) average.

StatCorner thinks the Rays' starting pitching and outfield defense far outweigh the lack of offense, and the team should be a game above .500.

That would put them on pace for roughly 6 wins above average, or an 88 win season. That should be enough to secure at least a wildcard slot for the playoffs.

Put another way, the Rays are playing winning baseball, but the season is too young to show it yet.