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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Bullpen help almost here

Brad Boxberger is almost ready to rejoin the struggling Rays MLB bullpen struggles, Brad Boxberger is almost ready.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays bullpen has struggled over the start to the season, but it's really been a tale of to halves for the 'pen. Over at The Process Report, Jason Hanselman broke it down with some very nice graphs, and gave a prescription for how (and which) Rays relievers should be used going forward.

Fortunately for the Rays, some help should arrive soon.

Might be next week.


- Well, it wasn't enough yesterday (Mooney), but Logan Morrison is above the Mendoza line.

"Hit them where they weren't and then hit 'em where they can't field them," Morrison said.

- New Rays beat writer Sam Blum has good quotes from Morrison about how he was supported by the team during his slump.

- Chris Archer is struggling, but Silverman isn't concerned. Thinks he'll get back on track.

"Chris is a student of the game and he's very focused on getting himself back on track. It's not like he's that far off, it's a few degrees of deviation for him to get back on track."

- Real interesting observation from Ryan Romano at Beyond the Box Score. Brad Miller has closed a hole in his swing and approach at the plate, and yet his strikeout rate has gone up. The reason might be some odd, and possibly fluky, performance with two strikes.

- Jeff Sullivan noticed that Alex Colome is good.

- From Eno Sarris, it's often an assumption and often a cliche, but veteran players actually may be better at breaking out of slumps.