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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Forsythe continues to be incredible

Plus reviews of BA and Staats in the booth, Boxberger continues his rehab, and the Rays probably won't trade for Ryan Braun.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You might have already read Beyond the Box Score's profile of Logan Forsythe, but it's worth a look if you missed it. Kevin Ruprecht breaks down how Frosty is checking off everything you could want from not only a leadoff hitter, but any good hitter.

When Forsythe came to the Rays, it's hard to imagine this is the level of player we could reasonably expect. Even after his stellar 2015 season raised the expectations, so far, Forsythe has been exceeding all bars set out for him.


- Sporting News reviews the Rays broadcast team of Dwayne Staats and Brian Anderson.I'm incredibly biased, but I do very much enjoy our TV duo, more so than the Sporting News rankings. Though BA and Staats do get a 10/10 rating for walk-off calls, so maybe the Rays can get a few more of those as a treat for the viewers at home.

- Rays scouting director Rob Metzler discusses the balance of the scouting department with the analytics team, and how they have been able to keep successful over the years.

Rays will have some tough decisions to make soon, as players like Brad Boxberger get healthy (who starts throwing against minor leaguers on Friday).

- Is Erasmo Ramirez pitching too well to go back to the starting rotation?

- The always great Steve Kinsella broke down the state of the Durham Bulls.

- Dave Cameron looks at who might make a deal for Ryan Braun. While the Rays were on his no-trade exception list last season, it seems his newest exception list has the Rays out in favor of some more west coast teams.

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