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AskDRB #4: April showers bring May runs scored?

A new month, and a new AskDRB!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We start the first AskDRB of May with a bit of a look back on the first month. I have lots of excitement about Logan Forsythe, so look forward to a nice rambling lovefest for Frosty the leadoff Ray.

Questions and Topics:

- When is the Desmond Jennings story going to end?

- Is the bullpen a bigger problem than our starting rotation?

- Is Souza's 35% K-rate ever going to go down?

- When do the Rays make the switch to Richie Shaffer for LoMo?

- Just how much do we like Brad Miller at #2? (quite a lot)

- Despite changes to approach and offseason additions, the Rays offense is perceptively struggling. When will it get better?

- Could Corey "Big Swinging" Dickerson move to first base in the future?

- "Will Forsythe always be dragging down the Rays first pitch offensive numbers?"

- When does Motter replace Beckham?

- Is Longo being too aggressive with Dickerson batting behind him?

- Could Willy Adames or Daniel Robertson overtake both Taylor Motter and Tim Beckham this season?

- Who goes down when Boxy comes back?

- Are an abundance of off days in April and May good for the team, bad for the team, or neither?

- I rank the 6 movies on the posters behind me!

- With the amount of great Rays pitching prospects coming up soon, will the Rays look to trade Alex Cobb, Drew Smyly, and/or Matt Moore?

- And if they do, what kind of deal would the Rays target?