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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Souza fine after HR, pectoral spasm

And Matt Moore's start may be pushed back.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In last night's game, Steven Souza belted his sixth home run of the season and then gave Rays fans a scare in the next at bat. After swinging at the first pitch, he felt something in his chest and removed himself from the game.

Now, from Marc Topkin's notes, the Rays (after having his heart checked) are calling it a pectoral spasm and Souza says he should be good to go:

"It felt really weird. It just felt kind of a tingling sensation throughout my body, and I didn't know what it was,'' Souza said. "Never had anything like that happen to me, so I was a little freaked out. My chest obviously had a spasm of some sort, I was a little out of breath. … I'm okay now, it just kind of lingered for a little bit.''

Also from Topkin, the Rays are probably moving Moore's Sunday start back, and will use a righty instead to face the Angels' righty-heavy lineup.

Something I wouldn't have guessed:


- Matt Stein of Sports Talk Florida wrote about Corey Dickerson and his struggle to adjust to the DH role and to a new league. Pitchers are throwing him fewer fastballs, and Dickerosn says he needs to relax.

"They're gonna attack you, so you're job is to adjust to what they're doing and stay inside your zone and they'll have to come into it," Dickerson said.

- Beyond the Box score looked at the ball-in-play profiles of the league leaders and trailers for BABIP. Frosty sighting.

- BtBS also wrote about David Price's struggles so far this season, and it sounds a whole lot like us talking about Chris Archer.

- Jeff Sullivan wrote about Aaron Nola's curveball. It's not about any Rays, but I thought it was a good discussion of pitching in general, and he focuses particularly on pitchers who get swings out of the zone and avoid swings in the zone. Nola is the best at that, but both former Rays Nathan Karns and Jeremy Hellickson also appear on that list.