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Rays 3, Angels 1 - It's a Great Day for Tampa Bay!!!

Seven solid innings from Matt Andriese and homers from Brad Miller and Curt Casali powered the Rays to victory in Anaheim!

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

It was Fun Day Sunday for fans of Tampa Bay's professional sports teams today. Just about an hour after the Tampa Bay Lightning smashed the Islanders 4-0 to move on to the Eastern Conference Final, the Tampa Bay Rays finished up a weekend sweep of the Angels of Anaheim to move over .500 for the first time this season.

Matt Andriese impressed in his first start of the season, allowing just four hits and one run over seven solid frames. Geltz and Cedeno handled 8th inning duties, and Alex "Nyquist" Colome wrapped it up in the 9th.

Nick Tropeano was no slouch for the Angels either. A longtime friend of Curt Casali, who would homer off of him in the fifth, Tropeano struck out ten Rays over just five and a third.

It was power off the bats of Brad Miller and the aforementioned Casali that drove the Rays to victory today. Down 1-0 in the third, after Andriese struggled early in the first frame, the Rays got to work. After Casali doubled to left, Brad Miller tagged Tropeano's first pitch and sent a line drive homer over the wall in right center to put the Rays up 2-1.

In the fifth, Casali punished Tropeano's first pitch fastball, sending it well into the left field stands to put extend the Rays' lead by another run. 3-1.

This weekend's sweep moves Tampa Bay to 15-14 on the year, as they head up to Seattle to face King Felix tomorrow night. First pitch is at 10:10 and the Rays will send Matt Moore to the mound to try and quiet the bats of our favorite trading partner.


- Andrelton Simmons left the game with a hand injury in the third, as it looked like he rolled his wrist fielding a ball off the bat of Evan Longoria.

- The pink writing on the uniforms today took some getting used to. I kept thinking I was watching a Twins vs Twins scrimmage.

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1 4QB Is this HP umps strikezone shifted to the left?
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1 Landlord The length of a pitcher stride affects the distance from the plate
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1 Landlord Double Play Rays
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