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AskDRB #7: Panic time or patience time?

Back after a week hiatus to answer questions/rant Rays baseball!

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It's good to be back with the first AskDRB of June. This one gets a little rant-y at times, but that can be expected with some pessimism and frustrating play abounding as of late. Besides some fun baseball rants, I even try my hand at answering what the meaning of life is.

On to this weeks questions!


- Lizzie asks for alcohol recommendations for watching bad Rays games.

- Biggest loss due to injury: KK, Forsythe, or Boxxy?

- Where should the new stadium be built?

- Why is Kevin Cash overthinking the righty/lefty split?

- Has Erasmo Ramirez been overused?

- Are teams taking extra bases and trying for home more now that KK is out?

- Will the Rays make a big move at the trade deadline?

- Which Rays could be traded at the deadline?

- Is Kevin Cash on the hot seat?

- What happens with Steve Pearce after Forsythe comes back?

- Will the Rays trade for Jay Bruce?

- Trade for pitching at the deadline or promote from within?

- Will the Rays leave the area or work out a stadium deal in Tampa?

- Is Mikie Mahtook Souza 2.0?

- When does Hank Conger get sent down and who could replace him?

- Will the Rays look to add a veteran bullpen arm?