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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Johnny Venters on the road back

Also, reporter drama in the clubhouse.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays-Workouts Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays had an offday to bask in the glow of Matt Moore’s strong start, before hosting the Mariners today.

When asked by [DRaysBay community member] @ltw0303 if that start saved Moore from being moved to the bullpen, Topkin had this to say:

Speaking of bullpen, the Johnny Venters watch is on.

Sam Blum of wrote about Venters going through his third major rehab. Lots of good quotes in there.

"Take away the physical side of what he's done; the mental side of what he's done -- going through three of these and not just three of them, two of them so close to each other," Rays athletic trainer Joe Benge said. "He's been to the pinnacle and he understands what it takes to get there."

Check it out.

Oh, and there’s beat reporter drama.

Topkin wrote about how the players who left the Rays are doing this season. Boring. Not much info, no analysis. Whatever. But skip way down to a line hidden in the middle of the Rays Rumblings, and you find this gem:

So Desmond Jennings was willing to talk after Monday's game with Fox Sports Sun, which employs Brian Anderson, who was most critical of him, but not with the Times or other reporters in the clubhouse, including

I assume Topkin is referring to something that started from this, from June 2?

The Lowe brothers, Rays first and thirteenth round draft picks, will sign shortly, says Bill Chastain.

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