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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Rays close to signing the Lowe bros

Updates on other injured Rays, Lowe Brothers are almost Rays, and is Bartolo Colon the reason for the downfall of Big Game James?

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The Rays were able to use some of that potentially potent offense to comeback and get a tough fought win last night.

Unfortunately, Steven Souza Jr left the game with "left hip soreness" after a diving catch attempt. Hopefully this will not keep Souza out long, as the Rays can ill afford more key injuries to a team already reeling from the injury bug.


- Sam Blum is reporting some updates on the progress of rehabbing Rays, including some info on Kiermaier's injured hand.

- Rays are starting to get their draft picks signed, including the Lowe brothers (Rays 1st and 13th round picks).

- It's still close enough to still talk draft talk right? Baseball Prospectus has a re-draft of the 2014 draft. In this re-do, the Rays actual selection Casey Gillaspie is taken a pick before the Rays. If available, would the Rays still take Gillaspie, and if off the board, who would the Rays take?

- Tony Blengino at Fangraphs breaks down the 2016 contact-quality of 1B and DH batters.

- James Shields is not right. I pains me to watch him pitch so poorly right now. So far in his two game White Sox career, Shields has given up 13 runs, 6 BBs, 3Ks, 7 Innings pitched, and gamescores of 12 and 20. Yikes. Nicolas Stellini of Beyond the Boxscore asks the questions we are all wondering, "Did Bartolo Colon break James Shields?".