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AskDRB #9: Excitement intensifies for Snell return!

Plus Jaff Decker is coming up, what happened to post-Rays Carl Crawford and James Shields, and excitement for Blake Snell's return!

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Snell pitching again is just a day away! We talk Snell in the Rays rotation long term, but also discuss what that means for the bullpen. Also discuss who might be coming to help in that pen, either from rehabbing pitchers already on the roster to potential trade targets later on.

Also ode's to the return of great Longo and the downfall of Carl Crawford and Big Game James.


- Will Blake Snell be up for good?

- Trade options for the Rays?

- So what the heck happened to the Crawford and Shields we saw in St Pete after leaving the Rays?

- Cash's bullpen management (/mismanagement)?

- Will the Rays ever just pick a catcher to stick with?

- Why did the Rays pass up Richie Shaffer to call up Jaff Decker?

- Why move Andriese to the pen and not Moore or Smyly?

- Should the Rays think about moving Brad Miller to 2B?

- Overall thoughts on Kevin Cash as a manager

- The renaissance of Evan Longoria