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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Snell pitches into the 7th in his 3rd MLB start

Snell gains experience, Brad Miller keeps hitting, and should teams abandon the role of starting pitcher?

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Blake Snell starting is still must watch television for Rays fans. The young lefty pitched well, for the most part, and held Cleveland to quite a bit of weak contact and pitched into the 7th inning.

He's still a work in progress, but watching him pitch each week you can see the great promise that Snell possesses. This experience, whether the Rays get back into the playoff race or not, is both exciting to watch and valuable for his future development.


- Brad Miller tops a few categories in the Shortstop category of Fangraphs continuing hitter contact-quality report.

- It's starting to look like the Rays could be without Steve Pearce for close to a month

- But the Rays got some reletively good news on the Mikie Mahtook front

- Some power from Bowling Green

- John Walters of Newsweek makes an argument for the end of the "starting" pitcher.

- When things are bad for the team, sometimes it's comforting to see how much worse it could get in the sport. That's where the Phillies offense comes in, which Jeff Sullivan breaks down as reaching "laughably bad" levels.

- Just a fun little stat that makes us miss former Rays great Ben Zobrist even more.