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AskDRB #10: Taking cover from falling sky pieces

Rants on Brad Miller staying at shortstop, which pitcher gets traded, and if we're going to be having a FIRE (sale)

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a visual representation and summation of this week's AskDRB


- Should the Rays sign Carl Crawford? A debate on logic vs heart.

- Playoffs?! Talkin about playoffs?!? Playoffs?!

- Would Carl Crawford bring that much needed veteran leadership?

- Is a fire sale on the horizon for the Rays?

- Will the Rays trade Jake Odorizzi at the deadline?

- Who are the Rays players most likely to be moved at the deadline?

- How far away is the team from being a legit contender? What moves should they make to get into contention in the future?

- What happened to Chris Archer this season?

- Is Steve Pearce the updated version of Ty Wigginton?

- Should the Rays move Brad Miller to the outfield?

- When are the Rays going to find a new stadium home?

- Is this Kevin Cash's last year as manager for the Rays?