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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: What's the deal with Archer?

Poor execution? Bad mojo on the road? Hair too long?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever is wrong with Chris Archer, it continued for his 11th loss of the year. Another bad performance by a Rays pitcher in 2016 is sadly nothing new.

In some much needed news: the Rays are getting an outfielder back.

The season may be too far gone for a playoff push, but getting players back healthy and giving at least some run with the actual players the Rays were anticipating suiting up for the team will be vital for decisions that are coming in the offseason and into 2017.


- At the Process Report, Jason Hanselman breaks down Chris Archer's strangely drastic home/run splits (home = good Archie, road = not so much).

- Chris Archer thinks it's his execution that has been his biggest trouble in 2016.

- Another draft pick signed:

- Jeff Zimmerman at the Hardball Times has a new way to look at college player stats.

- Grant Brisbee has "the only correct All Star ballot" for both AL team and NL team.

- Beyond the BoxScore investigates whether the Giants and the Rangers dominance is actually a mirage.

- Fagraphs has a primer on the July 2nd International Signing period (which the Rays are still in the penalty box for).