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AskDRB #11: Who is the biggest Rays draft bust?

Plus a chat about starting pitching trades, Jamie Schultz and Ryne Stanek's future role on the team, and a discussion about Oswaldo Arcia.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Aside from our normal Q&A, there is some live reaction to the Rays v Red Sox day game. AskDRB is gonna be on a two week hiatus due to me being crazy busy with 4th of July with the Ranger job, so we went a little long today.


-  Is Tim Beckham the biggest bust in Rays history?

- Will any starter be dealt at the deadline? If so, who?

- Should the Rays trade Chris Archer?

- How long before Stanek and Shultz are in the big league pen?

- What kind of trades are the Rays going to make? Big or small?

- Next best relief options in Durham?

-  What is Arcia's role once the outfield gets healthy?

- Is Matt Andriese's best role in the bullpen or starting rotation?

- Will Willy Adames be promoted to Durham this year?

- When will Dickie Shaffer finally get the call-up? Is his uppercut swing and lack of contact the reason why he's still down?

- How can the Rays defeat the "ghost of Joe Maddon"?