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AskDRB #8: Go go Snellzilla!

Plus movie rants, brawl talk, and plenty of trade questions!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

On the day before the 2016 MLB draft, I haven't done nearly enough research to know anything about the prospects the Rays could draft. So, I sidestepped that like a politician and am going to leave that in the very capable hands of our prospect gurus in the other articles.

Enjoy June 8ths AskDRB!


- Is it finally the time to unleash Snell and Shultz?

- Overwatch and movie talk!

- Yordano v Machado brawl!

- Should the MLB add a hockey style fighting rule?

- Forsythe coming back soon, and how great is that

- Is LoMo going to keep hitting this great all year? (we've come full circle from the first few episodes)

- Should the Rays trade Archer?

- Should the Rays trade DJ right now while he's on a hot streak?

- Should the Rays trade for Ventura? (it would give him a chance to hit Machado on a more regular basis I suppose)

- Why do the Rays spend so much in the international market and not spend that money in the free agent market?

- Will the Rays be buyers or sellers at the deadline?