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2016 MLB Draft open thread

Pick histories, and all the discussion you might want!

Last year's No. 13 overall selection Garrett Whitley
Last year's No. 13 overall selection Garrett Whitley
Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The 2016 MLB Draft kicks off Thursday. Here is a schedule of events for the week:

Day 1 (June 9)

Preview show: 6 PM (MLB Network)
Rounds 1-2: 7 PM (MLB Network and

Day 2 (June 10)

Preview show: 12:30 PM (
Rounds 3-10: 1 PM (

Day 3 (June 11)

Rounds 11-40: 12 PM (

Thursday's broadcast will cover the first 77 picks, which encompass the first round, the compensation round, the first competitive-balance round, the second round, and the second competitive-balance round.

Thursday's broadcast will also feature Andy Sonnanstine announcing the Rays' second two picks.

The Rays hold picks No. 13, 53 and 77 Thursday. On Friday, they will pick 90th overall, 120th and then every 30 picks after that for the rest of time.


The DRaysBay staff brought you several pieces to prepare the community for some of the players available:

Up-the-middle position players
Corner position bats
Pitchers with stuff
Pitchers with control

John Town took a stab at projecting the first 34 picks, and you can find a round up of the main stream mock draft here.

Important thing to know

The Rays can spend up to $7,643,100 on their picks. The league arrives at this number by adding up the valuations of a team's picks in the first 10 rounds.

Players are not tied to those individual values at all, but teams cannot exceed that by a certain amount without facing financial and draft pick penalties in future drafts. Although that number only accounts for picks in the top ten rounds, players drafted beyond that that sign for more than $500,000 count against the cap.

Not really important

No. 13 pick in 2015

Rays outfielder Garrett Whitley (has reached short-season Class A)

Top No. 13 picks

1. Manny Ramirez (69.2 WAR)
2. Frank Tanana (57.9 WAR)
3. Chris Sale (29.0 WAR)

Other No. 13 picks

2014: Trea Turner
2003: Aaron Hill
2001: Casey Kotchman
1997: College baseball analyst Kyle Peterson
1994: Paul Konerko
1982: Former Pirates manager John Russell

No. 52 pick in 2015

Mets outfielder Desmond Lindsay (reached short-season Class A)

Top No. 53 picks

1. Gary Carter (69.9 WAR)
2. Andy Messersmith (40.2 WAR)
3. Phil Bradley (18.5 WAR)

Other No. 53 picks

2011: Dwight Smith Jr.
2002: Kevin Jepsen
1995: Sean Casey
1979: Pitching coach blamed for Jake Arrieta not being good in Baltimore Rick Adair
1978: Steve Bedrosian

No. 77 pick in 2015

Rockies pitcher Javier Medina (reached advanced Rookie ball)

Top No. 77 picks

1. Alex Wilson (2.0 WAR)
2. Ken Patterson (1.9 WAR)
3. Rich Folkers (1.8 WAR)

Other No. 77 picks

1993: Jesuit H.S. grad Troy Carrasco
1987: Orioles hitting coach Scott Coolbaugh