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AskDRB #12: Back From Hiatus Edition

Trade rumors, movie suggestions, and prospect hype!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

AskDRB is back just in time for Trade Deadline season! The Rays season still has quite a bit of intrigue and excitement left to offer, so let's dive into this weeks questions and my rambling answers.


- No chance the Rays trade Longo, right? Right?!?

- Could the Rays actually trade Chris Archer?

- Is the Bullpen's worst days behind them?

- Who actually calls the games: Cash, Hickey, or the catchers? And are the catchers to blame for the poor performance of the starting rotation?

- Movie suggestions! (Gave me an excuse to hype up Stranger Things, which is amazing).

- Will we see Adames or Gillaspie in September?

- Could Brad Miller be moved to 1st next season?

- Strongest Pokemon Go Pokemon I have on my roster?

- Is Archer tipping his pitches?

- "If you HAD to pick either Blake Snell, Casey Gillaspie, and Jacob Faria or Willy Adames, Brent Honeywell, and Jake Bauers who do you take?"

-Will the Rays new stadium be packed with whacky and strange features?! (like fans. *rimshot*)