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AskDRB #13: Which jersey is the worst in Rays/Devil Rays history?

Plus: It's Trade Deadline Season, and speculation abounds on who the Rays could get in some blockbuster moves.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Sure it's trade speculation season, but Chris Sale and his crusade against uniforms is perhaps my favorite weird baseball story of the last 10 years.

Hat tip to Adam Sanford for the question: Pick one uniform in Rays history that you'd have to slash Chris Sale style?


- What's the wish list for the return of trades involving Pearce, Odorizzi, Moore, and Archer?

- How does Daniel Robertson fit in the long term plan?

- Who are the potential September call-ups?

- With Adrian Rondon raking, will he get the call to Charlotte by the end of next year?

- Should the Rays target Austin Meadows over Josh Bell in a deal with the Pirates?

- Nomo asking the tough questions: Where did I get my hat?

- Is Jurickson Profar worth trading for, and what would the plan be with him?

If the Pirates offered Meadows and the Rangers offered Gallo, which do you take? (Assuming all else is equal.)

- Could a Lewis Brinson headlined trade package be better than a Joey Gallo headlined package?