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Rays likely mystery team in Dodgers-Reds trade

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Rays have had a long standing dialogue with the Los Angeles Dodgers regarding their core of available starting pitching, with Jake Odorizzi and Matt Moore the likely candidates.

Now the Dodgers are rumored to be closing in on a trade with the Cincinnati Reds ahead of Monday’s trade deadline, with a mystery team involved.

Involving a third team to complete the deal fits the recent activity by the Dodgers, who partnered with the Reds in the off-season for a deal to acquire prospects from the White Sox.

In this scenario, it is most likely that the Rays would be seeking prospects from the Dodgers, although Yasiel Puig could also be in play.

The Rays would have an interest in acquiring Yasiel Puig, an enormous talent with a bigger personality, who has arisen as a change of scenery candidate for LA.

We shall see what comes together, but a Dodgers trade has long been the Rays’ likely trade partner ahead of the MLB Trade Deadline.