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AskDRB #14: Trade Deadline Special

Do Nothing at the Trade Deadline Champs no more!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

First primetime AskDRB, and we are recapping and reacting to the trade deadline deals made by the Rays. A very active trade deadline for the Rays, with not one, not two, but three trades being completed (with one just in the nick of time).

We breakdown our excitement for low minors prospects coming to the Rays, Batman references, and ponder how the heck you pronounce Jhonleider.


- How does the Matt Moore trade help the team?

- Where position will Matt Duffy play for the Rays?

- What's Brad Miller's new role?

- Will Longoria be traded in the offseason?

- With Moore gone, how will the rotation shake out for the rest of the year?

- Payroll talk for 2017

How much WAR will Lucius Fox be worth on name alone?

- Was this the most valuable deal the Rays could get for Matt Moore?

- Why do the Rays target so many shortstop prospects?