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Tampa Bay Rays 1st Round Draft Pick Josh Lowe is Raking!

Just an observation!

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Josh Lowe is on fire.

After being selected with the Rays first round draft pick in this year's draft, Josh Lowe waited a couple of weeks and then signed with the Rays on June 17th. He'd make his professional debut a week later on June 24th for the Gulf Coast League Rays.

Lowe struggled to make an immediate adjustment and after his first 12 games, Lowe only had three hits in 45 plate appearances, while he was striking out at above a 30% clip.

However, since then he has turned things around significantly.

1st 12 GAMES LAST 23
wOBA .239 .503
AVG .083 .388
OBP .267 .474
SLG .167 .638
XBH 2 10
HR 0 5
K% 31.1% 21.1%
BB% 20.0% 14.7%
wRC+ 50 212
PA 45 95

Of course this is a rather small sample size, but considering how the Rays recent position player picks have done on the offensive side, Lowe is a breath of fresh air and hopefully he'll be able to keep up the pace.