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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Sternberg revisits the Myers trade

Does he have regret?

MLB: San Diego Padres at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

With Wil Myers in the house, there’s a lot of attention on the trade that sent him to San Diego and brought Souza in from the Nationals. Topkin wrote about it yesterday. Mostly, that’s old news, but I think the Sternberg quotes in the article are worth repeating.

"The one part, if you look at it, is the guys we traded out to Washington who've turned into something. And that's not something we normally do," he said. "But we thought we had a winning baseball team last year and this year, and Souza gave us the best chance to win last year and this year, and those guys would not have.

"So if we had just done that trade of Myers for those two guys (and not flipped them to the Nats), it would have been a tremendous trade. But we were actually trying to win baseball games the last two years."

But you know who is doing his damndest to help the Rays win this year?

That injury hurt.

Drew Smyly pitched a great game, only giving up one hit. Tell me—does this look like the interview of a pitcher who just pitched well?

The acquisition of Matt Duffy reshuffled the Rays infield. It’s not often that you see a shortstop moved to first base, but Logan Morrison, the incumbent first baseman, seems okay with it.

With Corey Dickerson playing left field, Morrison still has a spot in the lineup.

He seemed to enjoy it last night with an RBI HBP and an RBI double.