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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Rays set new club scoring record

Also: Duffy leaves early, Cobb and Whitley continue their rehab back, and should a relief pitcher win the Cy Young?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays really seem to like hitting against San Diego this series.

One of the many Rays getting into the act was our new 1B Brad Miller, who had another multi-homer day, and continues his just absurdly beastly streak.

The un-fun part of the blowout win came from our new SS Matt Duffy having to leave the game early. Luckily, it doesn't sound serious.

Not to be lost in the bananas offensive display the Rays put on, Corey Dickerson made this catch in the outfield:

He's not the best defender, but Dickerson does have some moves out there.

Finally, some encouraging news from the rehabbing front for Cobb and Whitley:

Around the League:

- Beyond the Box Score looks at 5 players who might be moved before the August 31st wavier deadline. Puig's name obviously makes the this, and because of that we can try and shovel some more coal in the engines of the "Puig to the Rays" hype train.

-  There has been some talk about the possibility of a reliever, the O's Zach Britton, winning the AL Cy Young Award this year with the fairly underwhelming starting pitching field. Jeff Sullivan at Fangraphs argues why Britton, and relievers in general, should not win the Cy Young.

- Former #1 overall pick, and my #1 overall baseball name pick, Dansby Swanson will be getting called up for his major league debut

- Hunter Pence made a totally Hunter Pence-ian like play, crashing to the ground and still catching a flyball while lying flat on the ground.

- In other ridiculous catch news, Anthony Rizzo did this: