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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Matt Moore, Brandon Guyer, and Steve Pearce all traded

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We’ll miss them.

Tampa Bay Rays v Oakland Athletics Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

It was a busy day yesterday for the Rays, with three quality players being traded. Rays fans will miss them all, and Rays Radio got audio from each of them.

First, here’s Brandon Guyer, headed to Cleveland:

And now Steve Pearce, headed back to Baltimore:

And finally, Matt Moore, headed out west to San Francisco:

Bill Chastain, of, wrote about the trades with video and plenty of quotes from Matt Silverman, as well as the three departing players.

There was more trading in the division, beyond the Rays. It’s hard to keep straight, so here’s MLBTR’s AL East roundup.

In San Francisco, Grant Brisbee wrote about why the Giants made this deal, and in Cleveland, Matt R. Lyons wrote about the acquisition of Brandon Guyer as a platoon bat. Take this for what it’s worth, but neither of their commentariots are particularly thrilled with the deals.

Dave Cameron wrote about the smart bet the Rays are making on Matt Duffy, and Eno Sarris said that Matt Moore’s stuff is back.

Want Something Not About Trades?

Me too.

Glenn Healy did good work on the reliability of batted ball data.

And on a less dense note, down in Montgomery, a wild Chih-Wei Hu got ejected, and then his manager Brady Williams got ejected as well, and then threw stuff on the field. Also wildly.

Good luck, Matt Moore, Brandon Guyer, and Steve Pearce.