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Rays lose power prospect Oswaldo Arcia to Miami Marlins on waivers

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays’ recent acquisition OF Oswaldo Arcia has been recovering from injury, and once his DL stint was over, the team attempted to send the 25-year old power hitting prospect through waivers to the minors, but to no avail.

Miami has picked up Arcia, and will replace former Rays farmhand Derek Dietrich on their roster as the new makeshift first baseman while Dietrich recovers from a knee contusion.

Not known for his defense, Arcia finds his value at the plate, and that has been a struggle for him as of late.

Earlier this season, we wrote about Arcia’s serious power potential, noting his comparisons to George Springer. Now the former top prospect will get his third shot to turn things around this season working with hitting coach Barry Bonds.

Arcia was sidelined this season by an elbow injury, and found himself without a corner outfield spot when he returned from the Disabled List (as was the story for him last season in Minnesota). Out of options, his designation to the minors exposed him to another team’s claim.

It’s not entirely clear that the Rays needed to designate the player, as September call ups are just around the corner, meaning rosters were set to expand. They either felt he needed more everyday plate appearances to get back in the swing of things (his plate discipline needs work), or they thought his injury status would dissuade teams from claiming the potential slugger.

When cut by the Twins, there were whispers that Minnesota had made the David Ortiz blunder all over again.

For the Rays sake, let’s hope not.