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Matt Duffy wrote an article about being 'The New Kid,' as he will be in Tampa Bay

A first hand look at Matt Duffy's call up to the Majors and his journey into landing a starting role with the San Francisco Giants

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At the end of 2015, Matt Duffy wrote in the Players Tribune about being the "new kid" in the San Francisco Giant's clubhouse. It is a great insight on his journey to the big leagues and what it takes to make it.

Here are some highlights from the article:

Duffy on meeting his newest teammates for the first time:

My conversation with Hunter began a succession of welcoming handshakes and confidence boosters from the team: Buster, Brandon Crawford — everyone. Play big, they told me. Let’s win some games, they told me. The younger guys, with their own debuts still pretty fresh, told me not to pay attention to the names on the backs of the jerseys.

Duffy on facing one of his childhood heroes:
I had watched Bartolo as a kid in Long Beach, growing up, when he was with the Angels. I’d rooted for him. I’d watched him win a Cy Young. And so when he took the mound that day, I was thinking more along the lines of, Should I snap a photo? My mind was nowhere near the mode of thinking, How do I beat this guy?
Duffy learned from Buster Posey on how to deal with failure:

I’d watch Buster strike out in a big situation, and come back to the dugout — never cursing or throwing stuff, remaining as cool as could be. And I’d learn a lot from that: about just how much failure — and dealing with failure — is part of Major League Baseball. About how preparation, and not outcome, is what a smart player will focus on. Buster accepted his micro-failures and moved on to the next at-bat. If the best guy on the team can do that, how can’t I?

It truly is a great read, and give a wonderful insight on the kind of worker and ballplayer that Matt Duffy is, and the work ethic and inspiration he brings to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Make sure you head over to The Player's Tribune to read it.