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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Alex Cobb to start on Friday

There’s now no one on the DL.

Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Indians Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images

In a season where Rays fans have needed something to cheer about, here’s some really good news. Alex Cobb, once the staff ace, was activated off the disabled list and will start on Friday. The Rays will move to a six-man rotation for the remainder of the year.

And with no one on the DL at the moment, here’s a bit of trivia.

Yesterday’s game wasn’t much fun, but the Rays Radio guys did get on TV.


  • For those of you anxiously following the Tebow-to-baseball story, he has a tryout in LA today. Also, he may have a contract to play winter league ball.
  • Dave Cameron writes that these 2016 Padres are showing themselves to be arguably the best baserunning team ever (with ever defined as since 2002). The 2010 Rays were #7 on that list.
  • FanGraphs has revamped their splits page. It’s pretty nice.
  • Back in 2014, Billy Bean, MLB’s Ambassador for Inclusion, wrote a memoir of his time as a closeted gay baseball player. The Hardball Times just did a “retroactive review.” So maybe not much of a peg, but I actually didn’t know he had written it, so maybe who cares about pegs.