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Ask DRB #18: It’s almost September Call-up season!

Who do you want to see get the call in September?

Minnesota Twins v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

September can be a time of pennant races and auditions. For the Rays players, it’s the latter. However, while October baseball is not in the cards for us this year, there is still plenty to watch for for the last month of the season.

The question of the day for this weeks AskDRB: Who do you want to see called up (within some realm of reasonability)?


  • Start off the show with Stranger Things season 2 talk! Perhaps next year, we can add a Stranger Things review column to go with the Game of Thrones...
  • Could Casey Gillaspie actually get a “cup of coffee” look in September?
  • Is Brad Miller is 1st baseman of the future? If not, where does he factor in going forward?
  • Is Souza just a 4th OF?
  • Is Nick Franklin a starter going forward? Perhaps the Rays Super Utility type role?
  • Who picked up Puig?!?
  • Has Luke Maile done enough to win a starting job in 2017?
  • Are the Rays going to keep a 6-man rotation into 2017, or are we auditioning starters for an offseason trade?
  • Any changes for Rays offseason approach? Big spending on a single FA or bargain shopping?
  • Will Kevin Kiermaier be the Rays #2 hitter in 2017?

AskDRB Live Q&A! If you have a burning question about the Rays, post in the comments to get it read and answered live! Make sure to follow DRaysBay on Twitter @draysbay and Darby: @darby_robinson Question of the Week: Who would you call up in September?

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