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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Longo makes centerfielders play extra deep

Also: does hitting more HRs = more wins? Or is it just Alexei Ramirez HRs = more wins?

San Diego Padres v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Cliff McBride/Getty Images

The Rays recently signed Alexei Ramirez and the reaction for Rays fans ranged from mass confusion to unbridled rage. Those reactions are still super accurate and I still am unsure of the process behind it.

Of course the most bizarre move the Rays have made so far in this simply ridiculous season has already paid mild dividends with a 3-run HR to opening the scoring last night.

I want off this seasons wild ride.


  • Eno Sarris at Fangraphs takes a fun look at the deepest centerfield positioning by hitter. Three Rays sluggers make the top 15 (Longoria, Souza, and Pearce).
  • Beyond the Box Score takes a look at whether hitting more HRs leads to winning more games. Spoiler alert, not a perfect correlation as the Rays have hit a ton of homers and not won a ton of games, but the numbers do trend towards a positive correlation.
  • Vin Scully is not continuing his career into the postseason, so do yourself a favor if you can and tune in for the Oct 2 Dodgers v Giants game and Scully’s final broadcast.