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Ask DRB #20: Who was the last good Rays Catcher?

Plus T-Bex’s future, where Brad Miller plays, and how much flannel can one man own?

St Louis Cardinals v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images


  • Is there any hope in the minors of an actually good Catcher playing for the Rays?
  • Is Brad Miller locked in as the starting 1B next year, or will he be moved to LF?
  • Are the Rays going to target a Corner Outfielder or a 1B as a priority in the offseason, or will they be more open about targets and see where the value leads them?
  • Can the Rays make room for Casey Gillaspie early in 2017?
  • Does Dewayne Staats and BA being vocally critical or having dissenting opinions on team choices make the average fan lose faith in the team’s future?
  • Which players are on their way out? Will Tim Beckham and Taylor Motter be welcomed back next year, or is the writing on the walls?
  • Will Enny Romero have a role in the Rays bullpen in 2017?
  • What level will Justin Williams start 2017 in? Will he make Durham?
  • Could the MLB ever adopt a Loan system like in professional Soccer?

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Posted by DRaysBay on Wednesday, September 21, 2016