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Rays at White Sox: Series Preview

An appropriate preview of the penultimate series.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The second to last series of the year is here.

The teams that are playing baseball

Tampa Bay Rays (65-90)

Chicago White Sox (74-81)

Projected Starters

Monday - Drew Smyly vs James Shields

Tuesday - Alex Cobb vs Chris Sale

Wednesday - Blake Snell vs Miguel Gonzalez

Thursday - Chris Archer vs Jose Quintana

Baseball Outlook

Jokes aside, these are two teams far out of contention in a race to the bottom, despite what on a surface level looks to be high caliber pitching.

The best thing the White Sox have going for them is their recent Magnificent Coloring Day concert hosting Chance the Rapper and his friends. That looks like a helluva good time. This series, not so much.

Still, now is the time to relish your baseball. There are seven games remaining, and then the winter comes.